Meet the Pack

Our tail-wagging team of doggie go-getters is on a mission to bring the healthiest treats to the world! We’re all about paw-some quality and always have our furry friends’ health and happiness as our top priority. Whether we’re dreaming up new delicious recipes, perfecting existing ones, or barking up the right tree to source the yummiest ingredients, we always bring our A-game. Our commitment to excellence means we’re always striving to make a pawsitive difference, one tail-wag at a time!


CEO / Marketing Director

Scooba, is a devoted leader who inspires excellence in creating tasty dog treats. His passion and enthusiasm drive success and bring joy to the team.


Head of Lab

Kona, head of Scooba Eats lab, crafts delicious dog treat recipes with expert ingredient blending. Passion for perfection drives innovation and exciting new creations under Kona’s guidance.


Quality Control

Nougat uses his critical mind to ensure everything is just right before the snacks leave the factory. His attention to detail guarantees that only the best treats reach customers’ paws.


Public Relations

This cute and personable pup makes sure everyone around her is happy. She uses her charming personality to spread joy and promote the company’s treats to dogs everywhere.

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